Working Away On Something BIG!


So I’ve been busy working on a big project with Double Dare Print studio for a 2017 fruit and veg Calendar.  I’m starting to get to the end of the illustrations and am hoping to have it so near completion (if not complete and ready for proofs) by the end of this week. I thought it would be fun to share some of the illustrations I’ve been working on over the past four weeks.


We wanted to make a calendar that featured what’s in season in Nova Scotia for every month of the year. As you can imagine it was tricky coming up with ideas for some of the deep winter months! Here in Halifax the winters are very long. Summer season is about 2-3 months and if we are lucky we have a warm-ish September. It seems to me that every year around the last week of August the summer weather just vanishes and it really starts to cool off, and things just go downhill from there weather wise. But enough about the weather!


Since we are under a pretty serious time crunch, I wanted to keep things simple. Each page features one fruit or vegetable that is in season during that particular month. In the months in which there are huge harvests, I simply chose the veg I thought was most beautiful. Though that was a touch choice!


It’s been a pretty amazing way to brush up on my skills in illustrator this summer in anticipation for my last year as a student of graphic design.


I am actually starting to really feel the pressure this week, the anticipated deadline to send the illustrations to proof has already passed! We are a little behind, but I plan on kicking some serious butt this week and finishing up the last few illustrations, the actual calendar portion of each page, and a front and back cover. Pray for me.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what I’ve been up to!
I will share more as the project continues!


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