Featured Artist: Andrea Lauren



You may have figure out that I am a huge fan of printmaking in its many forms. Today’s feature Andrea Lauren is an illustrator whose amazing Instagram account I came across last week! She posts videos of her process with lino cutting and it is fascinating!


Andrea is an english illustrator, printmaker and textile designer who lives and works in the US. She has also just released a new book called Block Print which is an instructional book all about building a print with basic materials!


I love her prints. Her patterns and colours are fab!


I couldn’t find much online about Andrea but I can tell that she is a prolific illustrator. Her website is full of gorgeous prints and patterns. She sells her work on Society 6 as well as on ETSY



Her work is sweet and has a simplicity about it that can sometimes come from the nature of linocutting (though don’t get me wrong lino can be as complex as you want it to be!). It has a sort of block-print quality with simple shapes that hold beautiful line work. Makes me want to spend some time this summer revisiting linocutting! It can be very mediative!


I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing her work! You should go check out her website and soak it all in!


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