Featured Artist: Natalya Zahn



Hope everyone is well!

I came across today’s feature while doing some research into illustration for a calendar I’m working on! I was really inspired by the way Natalya uses her incredible illustration skills and pairs it with design.


Natalya is originally from Vermont, has an affinity for natural history, and loves to travel. She seeks out animals to study and draw, and as you will see those studies become the focal point of her designs.


She’s got an eye for detail and you can tell just by looking at her work that she truly enjoys studying her subjects. This kind of work takes patience, time and a deep love for understanding how things work!


Some of Natalya’s clients include National Geographic, New Balance, Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology, and the San Diego Zoo!


I can tell from her work that she is a dog lover! The work above is really playful and carefree. I love how her style in this image is a little looser which echoes the intention of  the design’s message.


I really like the dog pattern she created out of studies. She kept it simple with black on off white, and combined many studies to create a whole. I love images that show multiples. You can look into the image for a long time, study the differences and similarities and find the beauty in each one individually.


Natalya currently works as an illustrator and as a part time illustration teacher at at the New Hampshire Institute of Art. Please visit her website to see more of her work!

I’m hoping to get my calendar illustrations underway this week so check back in to see what I’m up to!



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