Painting a Mural


I hope everyones week is going well so far.

I spent the morning finishing a mural! It felt really good to finally wrap it up after over a week of painting and waiting…and returning to paint…and waiting. The weather was a huge factor of course, but also I work a full time job for the summer so finding the time between the hours of 9-7pm on weekdays was a bit tricky!

Anyhow The Coast (which is a local free paper here in Halifax) asked me to paint a design to promote their annual Best Of Halifax awards. They had a design they wanted me to paint on their garage door which is on the front of their building.


and here’s a pic of the garage door BEFORE I painted on it…


Now…I was a little trepidatious about painting over awesome existing street art. I know that the community becomes attached to the art they see in their neighbourhoods every day. We made sure to get the OK from the artist, and in the end we thought it would be fun to switch things up. By the summers end my mural will be painted over too!

I started out by painting the entire garage black. It took two coats. THEN I went in with chalk and worked out the lettering. The placement, shape, size, and spacing is very important! I wanted my work to look as close as possible to the original design.


After everything was chalked in I started strategically painting all of the white parts in. Then I left for a bit and returned to do a second coat of white (because white over black is usually a two coat job!) and then I did some touch ups, and finally moved onto the icons where were a lot of fun to make!


I always learn something when I take on a project. I believe this is my biggest sign painting job to date, and honestly I was a little stressed and intimidated by the fact that it was not only outside, but also on the front of an awesome business. I underestimated the amount of time it would take for me to complete the task, and so it’s true what they say….double the time you THINK the job is going to take you and then some. I didn’t mind spending the extra time on the project though. The paint had to dry between coats, the letters had to be painted very meticulously, and almost all of the mural had to be done in two coats of paint. In the end I was more than happy to take my time, enjoy being outside in the community painting (so many encouraging folks who stopped to say hi!) and make something that I’m really happy with and most importantly that my clients are happy with too!

I hope you’ve enjoyed!


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