Featured Artist: Mary Lou Faure



I’ve been on Pinterest a lot lately scoping out artists among other things and I came across today’s feature Mary Lou Faure who creates incredible bold illustrations.


Mary Lou Faure is a French illustrator living and working as an art director and freelance illustrator in London England.


She has a very distinct, funky, bright style. From what I’ve read, as an illustrator, it’s important to have a distinct and consistent style so that people can ¬†easily recognize your work. It takes a LONG time to get to that place in your practice (so if you want to become an illustrator, get back to drawing immediately after you read this post!)


Mary Lou’s style is definitely recognizable. It’s simple, it’s BRIGHT, she uses a lot of primary colours, there are no outlines just shapes of colour.


Sometimes you’ll see she incorporates a really fun slick type with her images. It matches perfectly to her playful style. Check out the image above. See the way the words have round edges? They almost look like balloon animals! Now look at her illustrations. It’s the same! Smooth and slick with rounded edges! Having the type and the images share similarities allows gives the whole a sense of unity!


But enough of my design speak. Did you know that Mary Lou has illustrated an entire amazing cookbook called Killing me Souffle? I seriously need to order this as soon as my next payday rolls around! It’s everything I love…a combo of amazing design and illustration AND recipes!! You can buy it on amazon HERE!


While you’re at it, go visit her awesome website to see more of her inspiring work AND notice that she has a shop too that is full of awesome goodies!

That’s it for now!


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