Designing For Hope!


It’s been quite some time since I posted any of my own work! I’m coming to the end of my first year of my studies in graphic design. I’ve spent the month of May working in a small team of very talented ladies designing for a not for profit organization in Halifax, Nova Scotia called Hope Blooms.

This is a part of our third and final term at school which is a work term. The entire class is divided into smaller groups and paired with a client, all of which are not-for profit local organizations.

Hope Blooms is an amazing organization. It’s actually right in my neighbourhood in the north end of Halifax. Jessie Jollymore (an extremely wonderful and dedicated woman) runs a garden with a group of kids who are from low-income families. The garden provides food for the kids and their families, and they also make and sell herb dressings with ingredients grown in the garden for which 100% of the profits go into a fund for each and every participating member to be able to afford post-secondary education when they graduate high-school. It’s an incredible organization. Myself and my teammates felt honoured to be able to lend our design skills to help further promote the wonderful work they do!


Our assignment was to create new a new brand identity. Hope Blooms was seeking a new logo and new labels for all five of their delicious dressings. Each member of the team proposed a logo, as well as a concept for the new labels. I thought I would share a little bit of my own process during the development of my proposed logo as well as my solution for the new dressing packaging.

We started our project with the logo. We thought once we had a logo settled, the rest would follow suit. Each member of the group put forth a logo solution to the client. Of course with all design projects, it all began with research and plenty of sketching.


I knew I wanted to incorporate a sense of growth, and I wanted the logo to feel organic and hopeful. I decided to use a basil leaf (one of their staple ingredients) and incorporate it into the counter space of the letter B in Blooms.


I spend a considerable amount of time looking at different typefaces, and tracing them to find one that would best accommodate the shape of the basil leaf in the counter space of the b. I came up with several different kinds of solutions in the end, but we all agreed that there was one that worked best.


and that was this logo!


of course I played around with colour as well…


I wanted it to feel fresh and clean.


After we each proposed a logo we immediately began work on packaging solutions. There were many mood boards, and research went into looking at how salad dressing bottle designs are constructed. The tricky things about designing a label for a bottle were that the label would be wrapped around a three dimensional object, and like all food labels, there are certain rules and regulations for many elements!

I started out sketching ideas for the layout, and I had it in my mind that I would create a pattern. I was going for an organic and handmade feel.

Processed with VSCO with x1 preset

Processed with VSCO with x1 preset

I ended up creating small watercolour shapes for garlic and basil leaves which I later brought into photoshop to edit, and then created a seamless pattern. I love pattern design, and I was so excited to spend time really learning how patterns are put together!


My final solution included a tag that leads the customers to the website which takes donations to help support the farm as well as informs them further about the organization.


here are all four of the solutions proposed by each team member for the new packaging!


We were so excited to see them on the bottles!

What an amazing experience in so many ways it has been to work with such a wonderful community project. Our team has plans to continue our work with Hope Blooms to make sure they have everything they need for their big launch in July!

If you are interested in learning more about Hope Blooms please visit their website! I hope you have enjoyed learning about my process! Stay tuned, I will be posting some older projects very soon!





5 thoughts on “Designing For Hope!

  1. Brilliant work! I think it’s really cool that you showed your process. The bottles look really cool, how many trials and errors did it take to get them just right, especially with printing the adhesive labels?

    • We haven’t sent them to print yet! I couldn’t say just how many iterations each of us went through until the final label was chosen by the client, and that itself was changed too! 🙂 It was all fun and a great learning experience!

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