Featured Artist: Marijke Buurlage


Hope all is well in your world.
I’ve just finished up my first year of Graphic Design at NSCC and I am excited to throw myself into some summer projects, one of them being keeping up with the blog!

Today’s feature is an incredible illustrator from the Netherlands. Marijke is a young freelance illustrator who has a really, really cool style!


Her colourful pallet and use of pattern and texture is what really drew me in. I love that she uses flat plains of bright colours layered with line drawings and patterns.


Her work is really playful and fun! She’s done illustration and design work for magazines, book covers, apps, and e-books. Some of her clients include Flo-Magazine, and Adobe!


She’s also done illustration for packaging (which is one of my newest loves) like the chocolate bars below.


I love seeing illustration on just about everything. Aren’t those the most beautiful looking chocolate bar packages you’ve ever seen!?


To see more of Marijke’s work visit her awesome website!

I have a post just about done all about the last month of my life working away on my own packaging project! Stay tuned!

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