Featured Artist: Morgana Wallace



I’ve returned from my wintery slumber and have found myself in the beginnings of spring! I feel alive again and I thought it the perfect time to get back to blogging. As a student of graphic design, I’ve found myself looking mostly at…well…design! I don’t look at as much fine art as I used to and I really miss digging around the internet to see what I can find that inspires and excites me! Today’s featured artist does just that.

Morgana Wallace is a Canadian artist based in Victoria, BC. I came across her work a while ago while research into paper cutting and collage. Her work is stunning.


She uses a combination of gouache and hand cut paper to create the most fantastical and colourful artwork. Most of her work is inspired by mythology and dreams.



The detail in her work is incredible and I love how action packed it is. She manages to really bring these paper cut outs to life by infusing them with a sense of movement.


Morgana says on her tumblr site that she started getting into paper cutting during a monotype printmaking class. She became interested in mixing her work with paper and fabric.


She has some really beautiful drawings on her website too.


So much whimsy! I’d love to see her illustrate a children’s book….

Please visit Morgana Wallace’s website to see more of her brilliant work!

Hope you’ve enjoyed and believe me, there will be more to come!!




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