I just wanted to post a few things I’ve been working on over the past little while in the studio, at school, and out in the streets of Halifax!


My biz Double Dare Print Studio just launched it’s 2016 Spring collection of hand screen printed greeting cards. My sister and I worked really hard to make it the best collection YET and we hope it will bring us lots of success! We have two spring shows coming up locally here in Halifax as well as Dartmouth, and we have our greetings up on our ETSY shop! I found this time around, with all of the things I’v been learning in my design program, paired with some new technology that the brand is really coming together.


I was asked by a local paper called The Coast to create some buzz about a crazy burger event that happens every year here in Halifax called Halifax Burger Week! Pictured above is a rather large chalk-board sign I made one afternoon to help promote the event! I love burgers, so I had loads of un drawing them over and over again with various juicy ingredients dripping from them. It made me, and many passers-by very hungry. Did I mention this sign was right across from my favourite burger joint Ace-Burger?  I could smell em’ cooking as I worked away ’til sunset!

In school…well…it’s felt a little slow compared to last semester. I successfully built my very first website (I made it WARHOL themed), but what I handed in just before spring break was this book jacket for a fake book called “The Brave Lion”.


Each student was asked to carve a serif and sans-serif letter out of a potato to create a stamp, we each stamped our letters and scanned them in to create a potato stamp alphabet to which we all had access. We were then asked to make ANYTHING using these letters. Of course me, dreaming of illustrating a children’s book one day went ahead and designed the jacket for a made up children’s book (published by Penguin!)

I’m actually WEEKS away from finishing my first year in the design program at NSCC and I have seen a lot of growth in my work. It’s been exciting to see my work progress and to share it here on the blog! Hope you’ve enjoyed.

I’ll be back soon with more!



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