Hope everyone is doing well out there!
I am on spring break! It’s nice to have a whole week to spend with family, relaxing and getting some tasks complete that I’ve been putting off for a long, long time…like writing a blog post!

Let’s talk about today’s feature Deborah Klein. I came across her work while doing some research on linocutting, and I found one of her amazing works of a very detailed face covered in an intricate lace pattern.


In case you don’t know what linocutting is, think about rubber stamps. Traditionally an image is carved from a peice of linoleum with a sharp tool. Then the artist takes a brayer and rolls over the “stamp” with ink, and then presses the stamp into paper which creates a print! These days a lot of folks who do linocutting use soft rubber block in which they carve into.


Deborah is an Australian  born artist who worked in London from 1973-1980. She returned to Australia where she attended the Chisholm Institute of Technology, Melbourne and Gippsland School of Advanced Education. She also holds a Research MA from Monash University, Gippsland.


Since finishing her formal education she has exhibited her work in Australia and all over the world.


I really enjoy looking at her series of faces. They are so beautiful and detailed. I love that they are black on white, very graphic and bold lines blended with beautiful detailed patterns.


Each of these faces tell a story  and reveal a personality . Maybe they speak to the saying “written all over your face” or perhaps they are speaking to the things that make us who we are, the things that have to be learned about a person over time. Perhaps she is showing us what is going on inside the minds of these figures by exposing those things on their faces! I could look at these for a long, long time.

Please visit Deborah Klein’s website. She has a variety of different kinds of work, all fascinating to look at!

I will be back soon to update you on my own work!


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