Featured Artist: Paul Rand


A couple of weeks ago two of my classmates stood up and gave a lecture on an incredible designer named Paul Rand. I was so inspired by his work that I wanted to share it here with you. His work is an incredible blend of art and design. Much of his style is reflective of pop-art (which is maybe why I am so drawn to it!) simple, colourful, and effective.

“Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated” -Paul Rand


Paul Rand was an American designer who worked with some pretty major companies from the 50’s well into the 80’s. His first major corporate design project was working with IBM on they’re logo.


which of course looks like this: (but I love the process concepts)


Rand was pretty much a design rock star. Unlike most, he had his own style unique to him, that shines through all of his work. He was basically the guy who elevated the profession of designer to the next level. Rand convinced businesses that what they needed was graphic art, and of course he was right!


He was capable of infusing his creativity with business. He used his own language of colour and form to create work that made sense and had a voice. Rand continues to have a heavy influence in design today.




I felt pretty inspired by Paul Rand after my design history class. I love his work, and his philosophies. Together, Paul and his wife Ann Rand wrote and illustrated several beautiful Children’s books. I ordered one last week called Sparkle and Spin. Still waiting for it…but I can’t wait too see it in person!


Hope you enjoyed! If you want to learn even MORE about Paul Rand you can visit his web page! 


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