Featured Artist: Tom Froese



Today’s feature is my favourite combination:  illustrator and designer. Tom Froese is a Canadian artist who lives and works in British Columbia.


Tom’s designs have been published in Monocle, The Harvard Business Review, and Wired UK to name a few. His own first published work Cityscapes was released in September of 2015.

Historic v4-NO_RIVERS

I came across Tom Froese on Instagram. His work really caught my eye because I can detect that he is influenced and interested in the same designers and artists as me!


Tom’s work is influenced by designer Paul Rand and  illustrator M .Sasek (which are two of my all time favs)! In fact the other day I saw posted on his instagram three of my favourite books, one by M. Sasek, one by Paul Rand called Sparkle and Spin (which I had happened to order that day) and another called People by Blex Bolex (which I already own).  It was kind of neat finding out that someone you admire shares the same influences, but I guess that makes sense!


What really inspires me about Tom’s work is that he is a designer AND an illustrator. He has combined his  incredible talent for illustration and blended it with design. Take for example the New York brochure he designed pictured above to help folks find all sorts of things to do in the Big Apple. It’s got such a lovely aesthetic. The illustration, the type, and the layout flow seamlessly together.


His illustrations are simple, and effective, something that is easier said than done!
As a current student of graphic design and a former art school student, I actually feared (and sometimes still do) that I would loose a big part of myself shifting into design. I’ve basically, for the time being, gone from drawing and doodling and painting a LOT, to spending the majority of my time on the computer learning programs from the Adobe  suite. Slowly but surely I’ve been melding my hand drawn illustrative work into the work I do using computer technology.


When I see work like Tom’s, I am reaffirmed that the technology I am learning will help me to make my work even better and more marketable. So thanks Tom for inspiring me! Another thing I thought was really cool is that he is Canadian! It’s not every day that I get to feature a fellow Canadian.


OK! That’s it for today, stayed tuned…I promise to post some of the things I’ve been working on later in the week! Please visit Tom’s awesome website to see more of his work! He has a blog too!



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