Featured Artist: Ray Morimura



Today’s feature is the AMAZING printmaker Ray Morimura.


I came across his work while doing some research on printmaking, and I was really struck by the beauty of his work.


Ray Morimura was born in Tokyo, and graduated from Tokyo Gakugei University, where he studied oil painting. He later became inspired by the work of woodblock artist and started to learn the technique.


He uses lino and cuts into it with a very sharp carving tool. Each colour that is printed requires  a separate block of lino. He uses oil based inks to create his work.


The detailed line and pattern work is really incredible! I mean, just look at how the trees on the bottom of the image above flow into teeny dots, and the really cool zig zag that cuts through the field that is made up of very fine straight lines.


I think the work above is my favourite. The shadows below the flying birds, and the way he constructs the field using pattern and line is so beautiful. The work has a real flow to it.

Moriumra says of his work and process :

quote copy


Really inspiring stuff!
Hope you enjoyed looking at his work as much as I do.


7 thoughts on “Featured Artist: Ray Morimura

  1. Stunning work! Print making is such hard work and requires so much patience – I have a lot of respect for artists who can do that. Thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks for writing this post. Really inspiring and interesting! I can imagine how much patience this requires. My favorite of these must be the last one. Really nice colors and compositions!

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