Wednesdoodles: Entering The Realm of Digital Painting



So I thought I’d share with you some of my latest attempts at digital painting.

For Christmas I was gifted a Wacom Intuos Pro, which is essentially a tablet that you connect to your computer on which you draw using a stylus! Whatever you draw on the tablet appears on your computer via programs such as Sketchbook Pro, or Photoshop to name a few.

Here’s what it looks like in case you have no idea what I’m trying to describe:


I was really excited to try out my tablet. Once I got the setup was complete I began to play around in Sketchbook Pro as well as Photoshop.

Here’s one of my first attempts using Photoshop:


I was basically using simple shapes and opacities and playing around with a paint brush pack I bought online (Kyle’s Ultimate MegaPack) and trying to get the feel for drawing with the tablet. The really awesome thing about the brush pack is that there are so many options available in terms of emulating real-life drawing and painting instruments. There are pencils, and inks of all kinds, charcoal, pastels, etc etc. So many possibilities.

It feels very strange, having used paper and pencil my entire life, transitioning into a tablet. Eventually I started to get used to that a little more and made this colourful cat illustration.


I was (and still am) totally blown away by what you can do with this technology.


I’ve also been using the tablet in conjunction with greeting card designs for my print company Double Dare. The tablet allows technology and the human hand to blend together quite nicely.

All this being said, I still do love, and will always love real paint, ink, watercolour and paper because really there is no substitute. There is a great energy that comes when you are moving your body while you are working large scale, or when you are mixing paints on your palette.

If you are an artist who does commercial work,  a tablet is really a valuable tool. When a change is requested by a client it’s so simple to make adjustments. The work is easily, and quickly editable unlike a hand-drawn illustration.

Anyhow I’ll keep practicing and watching more jaw-dropping digital art tutorals and keep you all posted on my progress!



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