Featured Artist: David Bowie+Helen Green


The world lost one of it’s most creative and inspiring humans today. I wanted to celebrate his life with the help of the very talented artist Helen Green.


I don’t know all of Bowie’s music, or his life story, but I do know that he lived a supremely creative life. The music he made is like no-other, and has the ability to really transform. That is real creative magic at work.


His influence and impact on the music world, and on individuals is huge, proving that one human who projects and shares their creative spirit out into the world has the power to change so many things.


It feels like there is a huge space missing, a big void left, as I let the news settle in to my system. I wonder, and hope that we will gather courage to move forward and be ourselves to the fullest capacity. Do your thing, whatever that may be, to your best and fullest. Live your dream, and don’t be lazy, don’t waste time, and don’t be afraid.


For me, Bowie is a teacher. His wild imagination, and dedication to his work remind me that it’s OK to be exactly who you are, the strange, curious, creative human that you were born to be. It’s a gift when you share that with others, and when they share that with you. So don’t be afraid to give and receive.

He is reminder that art is transformative, and it is powerful! He didn’t just make the art, he became the art, and that energy just radiated. That is really beautiful.  Thank you David Bowie.


The wonderfully talented artist who created all of the illustrations in today’s blog is Helen Green. She is a freelance artist from the UK, and creates exceptional portraits of celebrities. You can visit here website HERE to see more of her amazing work.


7 thoughts on “Featured Artist: David Bowie+Helen Green

  1. Love the illustrations! I was very shocked to hear about this artist’s passing. I grew up on most of his music and there area few that are my favorites, but ‘Let’s Dance’ will always be my number one favorite. Bowie was a true artist indeed and will be missed.

  2. I did not enjoy all of his music – though I love this early stuff, pre 1980s – but I always appreciated his talent. He truly was a one of a kind. The world is a drabber place without him.

  3. Wonderful portraits. It’s strange to think that he’s gone- it’s been a weird day, constantly being reminded that the world now lacks his energy. He was such a talented, creative man and reached so many people with his work and eccentricity.

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