Featured Artist: Rachel Suggs



Today’s featured artist is Rachel Suggs. I came across her work in last issue of my favourite magazine Uppercase! 


Rachel is an illustrator who focuses on editorial work, book illustration and pattern design. She currently resides in Baltimore and holds a BFA in Illustration from the Maryland College of Art.



If you don’t know by now, I love illustration.  I was drawn to Rachel’s work when I saw the illustration below which was featured in Uppercase:


It turns out this is actually a screen printed work! I love the simplicity of this image, and the sense of movement. I also love the halftones on her legs! Really beautiful work! It’s a mysterious image that definitely tells a story. The little landscape makes you wonder where this girl is, and you might wonder, where is she going to in such a sombre looking hurry? It looks as though she is running, but  at the same time she’s moving slowly.


I found a lot of her work to be quite a bit more complex than the image of the girl running. This whimsical image is an illustration for a book titles Hard Boiled Wonderland & The End Of The World. 


Above is an example of her surface pattern work. Really whimsical, and I love the colours, and the flow of the black river of ink, and the spooky eyes popping in from what kind of looks like a cluster of mountains. This image reminded me of how badly I want to make a lovely illustrated surface pattern one day soon. Thanks for the inspiration Rachel!

Hope you’ve enjoyed taking a peek at Rachel Suggs ‘work! Please visit her website HERE! to see more of her wonderful illustrations.


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