Wednesdoodles: Some Finished Assignments!



My apologies for being so slack in the blog-o-sphere. I think this is just the way it’s gonna be now that I am a full fledged graphic design student. I wanted to share with you all what I’ve been busy working on at school this past month and a half!


Above is an illustrator drawing of a platypus for a character development assignment that I am actually passing in tomorrow! Our task was to choose a character, either a platypus to represent a radio company OR a shark to represent a sports team, and develop the idea and eventually create vector artwork to represent either one of those two options. Not being much of a sports fan, I chose the platypus. It all started with a lot of sketching, and finally some tracing, scanning, and moving that into illustrator to start developing a vector sketch.


Above is a cleaned up sketch that I scanned in to use as my template to create my vector drawing. As part of the assignment, we were also asked to emulate a style that we liked. So even before I began sketching,  I went online and found some interesting characters, and did my best to try and incorporate the style into my own work. Below is an image of my chosen style!


I took a good look at the types of shapes, shadows, and also paid close attention to the simplicity of the above reference. I really enjoyed the clean, flat style of these bad guys. In the end, I had a lot of fun creating my platypus. I’m sure there are some additions and changes to be made, but so far I am happy with the way he turned out.


A completely different design project I recently completed was working with layout, something I have really never done before. I was actually pretty intimidated by this assignment, but as I’m finding out, solutions are uncovered through process. At this stage I’m just beginning to learn why something looks good. Design has been almost like re-training my intuitive self to be a little more technical. I ask myself “why is it working?”.

Essentially for this assignment we were given a quote, asked to pair it with an image, or images, and lay it all out in InDesign. We created four different solutions and then refined it down to one final design.

I have A LOT more to share but it’s getting on to bedtime!
In addition to homework, I’ve been really busy working on a poster design for an upcoming holiday market which I will share as soon as I can! I am really excited about it.

I am also going crazy learning html and css, which basically means building websites! Very hard on my brain, but slowly I’m catching on to this new language. PHEWF!

Check back in soon for more!!!


12 thoughts on “Wednesdoodles: Some Finished Assignments!

  1. Wow the platypus does look good! Anyway your major sounds so interesting! I always have a big interest towards design but unluckily do not have such a fancy to get in a proper art school so please write about it more so we all can learn together! 😄


  2. I always wished I had the talent for drawing like that. I did for a fleeting moment in high school, but then I lost the inspiration and that was that. Good luck. I’m sure you’ll get an A.

  3. Omg it is adorable i wish i can draw XD. I know what you mean by learning html and css it is hugely a head scratcher but alas it is def a must for future jobs you many want to land !

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  5. I love this! It’s so cute! Good job on the final product and good luck at school. Can I get the name of the artist whose style you emulated? Thanks xxx

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