Featured Artist: Amos Kennedy


A little late on this week’s feature but here it is!
I discovered Amos Kennedy’s work in my design history class last week when we watched a documentary on his life and art practice called Proceed and Be Bold.

Amos Kennedy has an interesting story. He spend a significant amount of his life working in the corporate world as very successful computer programmer. On a family trip he came across an old letterpress machine and was totally enamoured. He decided that from then on, he would spend his days as a printmaker.


He currently has his own studio which houses several printing presses in Detroit Michigan. He gave up pretty much everything to do what he loved, but his love for printmaking really shines through in his incredible work.


Some of my favourite work by Amos Kennedy is the super experimental, layering upon layering of type and colour. The print above, has so many layers of colour. It adds a lot of dimension. It looks like a painting and a print!


He also has many prints that are meant to be used as signage.  His use of colour and type is what really makes his work stand out. The messages can be quite humours too, like in the print above.

kennedy4Amos has a really awesome little website, on which you can purchase his prints for $25 a piece. From what I understand you send a cheque in the mail and wait for your print! I’m planing on sending him some money very soon! I just have to decide which print I’d like to ask for!


If you’d like to see more of the work of Amos Kennedy, visit his website HERE! 

I’ll be back with some work of my own to show you!


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