Featured Artist: Josie Portillo



Tis a hot day in Halifax! I’m not at the beach, instead I’m in the studio today getting some work done (this blog post included!) Hope everyone reading is enjoying the last weeks of summer!

Today’s featured artist,  Josie Portillo, was born and raised in L.A, California and lives and works there today as a freelance illustrator.


I am really drawn to her work because it is inspired by folk art, and vintage children’s book illustrations. Her illustrations reminds me a little of the great Mary Blair. The graphic quality of her work, and the colour palette are a definite nod to the past.


Josie holds a BFA in Illustration from the Art Centre College of Design. Her work is represented online by Bernstein & Andriull, check the site out if you are interested in taking a look at a host of creative work from photography to stylists to illustrators.


I really enjoy looking at her sweet little city maps. These remind me very much of illustrator M. Sasek’s work, another favourite of mine.


From what I gather, she uses a blend of technology and paint! Her mediums are photoshop, gouache and ink. She seamlessly blends a bit of the past with the present.  It’s really inspiring stuff!


Her clients include Penguin Books, Hachette, Random House, Vogue, and Coco-Cola to name a few!

If you love what you see, please visit Josie’s online portfolio HERE, and check out her blog HERE as well!

Until next time!


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