Featured Artist: Richard Colman


Hi guys,

Sorry to any regular readers for disappearing for at least two weeks! I’ve been extraordinarily busy working on a big design project for a bride (I’ll share more soon!) as well as sketching out holiday designs for Double Dare Print Studio (my biz). I also moved apartments, set up my studio etc. etc. It’s been wild!!

ANYHOW! Enough about all that! I’m back and I have some super funky, bordering on psychedelic art, to share with you by artist Richard Colman.


Colman lives and works in California and attended the School Of The Museum Of Fine Arts in Boston. I came across his work on Juxtapoz magazine’s instagram account the other night and was totally floored!


I love his use of geometrics, bright bold coulours, the human form, animals, and narrative. His works are right out of a funky, twisted children’s storybook. They also remind me a little of The Beatles Yellow Submarine.


His work is often complex, although some of what I’ve seen is very simple yet always carries a narrative. He plays with perspective and line not unlike M.C Escher in some cases (especially in the work above) It’s remarkable how he bends colour and line, creating layers upon layers of spaces for the eye to explore.


I’m not sure on the details of this installation piece above but I think it is really amazing when artists bring their 2D works into the space of the gallery so that the viewer can actually share the space of the work itself. Almost as if the viewer is permitted to walk right into one of Colman’s amazing paintings.


Really interesting and eye catching work. Please visit Richard Colman’s website to learn more and to look at his full body of work!

12 thoughts on “Featured Artist: Richard Colman

  1. What the……okay,that was,um,interesting. I can also see what you mean when you said it made you think of the Yellow Submarine,it kinda did for me too.

  2. Amazing! His work reminds me of the kaleidoscopes I use to have as a kid. As if I had twisted the knob on the kaleidoscope and different scenarios appeared XD

  3. The art is absolutely stunning!!! Its weird and hypnotizing! But that’s exactly what’s so great about it!! Love your post! Please do check out my blog as well!

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