Featured Artist: Lieke van der Vorst



Hope everyone is doing a-ok out there in the world. If you need a little creative boost today, I have something really inspiring in store for you!


Lieke Van der Vorst is an artist who lives and works in the Netherlands. I came across her work on a FB fan page for The Jealous Curator and instantly fell in LOVE!


From what I gather from her website (which I had Google help me translate from Dutch to English) she works with the most eco-friendly products she can source, and she creates these lovely colourful, whimsical illustrations.


It’s clear to me that Lieke is interested in narrating a bond between human beings and animals. A lot of the the work I have seen depicts humans closely interacting with animals, sharing meals, showing affection, and connecting with them as though they were loved ones.


She also depicts animals in a human likeness, giving them clothing, putting them in un-natural settings (for example atop a dinner table) yet he is still able to show convey their wild spirit. Her drawings had me thinking about how humans interact with the natural world, how we tend to repel it. I really enjoy the blend of the two worlds in these drawings, how the animals have become just a little human, and how the humans have become just a little animal. Their influence on one another creates harmony.


Her drawings are so lovely and whimsical. I am truly inspired!!! Please visit her awesome website to learn more about her work, and check out The Jealous Curator while you’re at it!


15 thoughts on “Featured Artist: Lieke van der Vorst

  1. Lovely drawings. These look so creative and give you so many ideas and thoughts! I will definitely be checking his website. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you for sharing this! Funny how following your blog takes me back to an artist out of my own country. I do want to warn you that Lieke is a typical name for women 😉

  3. Dit is zo gaaf! Ik zag zijn werk te koop bij Daily Poetry op Strijp-S in Eindhoven. In dezelfde winkel zijn ook de kaartjes van JIP (Janneke Knöppe) te koop, waar ik twee weken geleden over heb geblogd. Misschien is het werk van Janneke ook wel een leuke inspiratie voor je! Groetjes, Renée

  4. Wow, this is really awesome: I have been following your blog for some time now, great job! Lieke is actually a young woman and lives in my hometown Helmond in the south of the Netherlands. She indeed is an amazing artist. Thanks for sharing!

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