Featured Artist: V. Wallace



Today’s feature is printmaker Valerie Wallace of Yellow Press. She is an incredibly talented printmaker who currently lives outside of Portland. It seems to me there are so many creative folks living and working in Portland. I’m hoping I can make a visit there soon to take it all in!


I came across her work when I was doing some research about linocutting. Linocut is a really neat form of printmaking, in which the artist basically carves a stamp from a linoleum tile, covers it in an even layer of ink with a brayer, and presses the “stamp” onto the paper. I have been really keen on getting into linocutting for a while, and this past weekend I bought a few materials to get me going. I am really excited to experiment! Above is a linocut of Jim Henson (LOVE IT). I am currently reading his biography!


Valerie has a whole series of linocut folks who she is interested in/inspired by. The image above depicts Julia Child. I really love the way Valerie uses lines here to convey shape in the face and to describe the hair.


Above is a portrait of Mark Twain. Again the MOUSTACHE. Incredible. Love the lines.


Check out the BEARD ON DARWIN!! It’s amazing.

If you are interested in Valerie’s work please visit her incredible website to learn more about her and Yellow Press! In the meantime, I’ll be here in the sun carving out some funky linocuts. Wish me luck! I will share the results in a few days!  Thanks for the inspiration Valerie!


9 thoughts on “Featured Artist: V. Wallace

  1. I’ve been getting back into lino cutting this past year after two decades of not doing any. I love it. So far I’ve only done smaller scale pieces. Wallace’s work is incredible and definitely inspires me to push myself further and try harder with my own lino cutting. Thank you for introducing me to this artist.

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