Featured Artist: Andrea Lauren



Today’s feature, Andrea Lauren, is an amazing printmaker and textile designer. She is originally from London and currently resides in North Carolina.


I found Andrea’s work in my favourite Canadian creative magazine Uppercase! The print issue is out now (my fav issue for obvious reasons) so you should CHECK IT OUT!


I’ve become really drawn to pattern in the past few weeks, researching and learning how to construct my own thanks to a few projects that have come my way.


Andrea uses a printmaking technique known as linocut! Basically it’s like creating your own stamp. You carve into pieces of rubber with special lino carving tools, and then you use a brayer to roll the ink on, and voila! You are ready to stamp. The really cool thing about lino is that you have the freedom to play around with different compositions.


I’m also really inspired by Andrea’s unique textile patterns. The one above definitely has some early 90’s vibes with the turquoise patches, and the black zig zags and dots.


I have been dying to get into linocut printing. I’ve had a little carving kit and brayer for a long time, and seeing Andrea’s work has really inspired me to get back into it!

Stay tuned this week for some updates on my own pattern making projects and in the meantime please visit Andrea’s website to see more of her amazing work!


10 thoughts on “Featured Artist: Andrea Lauren

  1. Nice patterns. I love the one with the yellow tigers. Thanks for sharing her work, will definitely be an inspiration for me too.

  2. I really love your work and it is interesting to learn new stuff about art in your blog! It is great! Will you share how to make these in your nexr blog? Thank you!

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