Featured Artist: Mark Bradley-Shoup



I took a brief hiatus last week to turn 30. It took up the entire week.(just in case you were wondering what happened to me). No, I wasn’t hiding in my bed freaking out about leaving my 20’s behind me, I was just really busy!!

SO I’ve returned to blogging to bring you the amazing work of Mark Bradley-Shoup. 


I came across Mark’s work in a really great book I found at my local library called COLLAGE by Danielle Krysa. Mark’s work struck me. I find collage doesn’t get the credit it’s due in the art world. I think it’s really a neat process that can fuel creativity. I know there are artists who use collage as a sort of sketching process. It can be quick and intuitive, but it can also become very complex and tedious! It can be a process used for research or inspiration, but it can also be considered finished work in it’s own right.


When I started researching Mark’s work I discovered that he is also an amazing painter. He creates these beautiful, minimal Americana landscapes as well as very interesting abstract paintings.



I tried to think about how his collage work might influence his paintings. You could say his paintings reference the cutting and pasting, the layering of forms. There are distinct shapes that form common, easily recognizable places (for example the gas station pictured above). I love the fact that it is so easy to understand what we are seeing, even though there is very little detail. It’s all about the form, and the colour.



His abstract work definitely has a reference to collage. Shapes and colours stacked one on top of the other. I love the muted colours he uses in his work. I really like the hard edges, it’s very graphic, but there are some parts of the painting that have a bit of texture, a little bit of roughness. It is a nice combination o f smooth and hard lines against these “worn” sections. It’s as though all the pieces of what we are looking at come from different sources and are being put together to make something new, again referencing collage.



Mark’s work is really visually appealing to me. He builds his paintings with form a and colour. I love how the painting above has a sense of movement. The slightly more grey hue that is trailing behind the colourful circular shapes makes it feel as though they are flying through a space. Imagine if that shade wasn’t there!? Those colours would appear totally static on the grey ground. Really COOL STUFF!!

Please visit Mark Bradley-Shoup’s website to see more of his amazing work!

OK. I have to get to work on my own project! I will share more on Wednesday!

PS GUYS-I got into a Graphic Design program last week!! I’m going back to school!! (CRAZY!!)


6 thoughts on “Featured Artist: Mark Bradley-Shoup

  1. Hey great post! please check out my blog for some amateur photography, it’ll mean a lot! Thank you if you do 🙂

  2. Great read! Have you also read Danielle Krysa’s ‘Creative Block’? It’s a wonderful anthology of artists profiles and looks at how they overcome creative blocks, really interesting!

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