Featured Artist: Emma Trithart


Today’s feature, Emma Trithart, creates really fun and lovely illustrations that are use in a variety of different ways from surface pattern to product packaging!  I’ve been studying and creating my own patterns for the last few weeks in the studio and looking at the work of other illustrators and designers has been a great help.

Etrithart6Emma grew up in Michigan and later moved to Minneapolis to obtain a degree in Illustration from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Today she lives and works in sunny L.A.

ETrithart5Her work can be seen on packaging, stationery, in magazines and more! Some her of clients include Caribou Coffee, Emma Magazine, BUST Magazine, and General Mills.

Etrithart4I selected work from  her pattern portfolio to showcase, as it pertains directly to what I’m working on at the moment with Double Dare Print Studio. I am really interested in pattern construction and the themes artists choose to base their patterns on. The sky is really the limit! Or is it!? (I am working on a U.F.O pattern at the moment)


Emma’s pattern portfolio has a really nice variety of styles. She has florals, and more linear type patterns, she also has some really fun and funky patterns that are just really quirky and imaginative. I think those ones are my favourites!


The pattern above is showcasing CANDY! Super fun. Just goes to show that pattern can be made up of anything you can dream up! There are endless possibilities!

Visit Emma’s website to check out her amazing range of work! I really admire her playful style.

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