Wednesdoodles: Pattern Challenge!


I’ve been working away on patterns for an upcoming greeting card collection at Double Dare Print!

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I started by experimenting with my usual medium of watercolour and pen.

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I love playing with colour, but pattern isn’t something I am used to experimenting with.

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So I switched it up a bit, and started playing with coloured pencil, but I still wasn’t feeling really inspired by what I was coming up with. I figured I had to devise a plan for sketching pattern ideas. I wanted it to be quick, each pattern taking maybe a few minutes tops. I found in the beginning that I was thinking way too hard about what I was doing, and I wanted the process to be more free and fun because I wanted the patterns to evoke those feelings.

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I bought a few new supplies (two large sheets of blue paper and a white paint marker) and got to work. I cut the paper down to small sheets 4″x5″ , made a stack that alternated shades of blue, cranked up some loud music and started creating what I now call my “pattern wall”. It was a really fun exercise and I am actually continuing this morning with some new coloured sheets. I love the way the patterns work together and apart. I think I’ll do one more stack and see what comes up. Pattern making is seriously hard work, but I thought if I started out with a good stack of sketches I could go in, pick my favourites and edit and adjust them to prepare for screen printing. I’ll show you what I get up to next week. By then I’ll have nailed down the patterns I am going to use for our cards!

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