Featured Artist: Sydney Smith


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Sydney Smith is an awesome illustrator from the East Coast who now lives and works in Toronto. He is a fellow graduate from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.

SSmith6I love his illustrations and the projects he has worked on. Sydney has illustrated children’s books and has also done work with some very well known Canadian musicians such as Gypsophelia, Old Man Luedecke, and Jill Barber. Above is a self portrait of the artist!


The image above, as well as the image below are illustrations from the book Toes In My Nose, a book of poems written by Sheree Fitch.


The image shown above is an illustration from a beautiful children’s book called “Music Is For Everyone” written by the lovely Jill Barber, and illustrated by Sydney Smith of course! It’s a really great book that introduces children to many different types of music.


Pictured above is an illustration done for a Nova Scotia musician Old Make Luedecke!


I love the simplicity, and the quality of his line work! Super inspiring stuff! It always feels good to represent a little East Coast talent on the ol’ blog! Please visit Sydney’s website to see more of his lovely work! Don’t forget to check out some of the other artists  mentioned in this post: Old Man Luedecke, Gypsophilia, and Jill Barber.

Stop back on Wednesday! I’ve been doodling like crazy in my little studio lately. There has been A LOT OF SNOW, which is keeping me indoors with my pencils and watercolours


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