Featured Artist: Eero Lampinen


Today’s feature is a really great illustrator I came across online! Eero Lampinen is an artist and graphic designer based in Finland. He uses a combination of his hand drawn illustrational skills with digital technology to create some really fascinating work.

LampinenFirst of all, the colours and textures he injects into his work are stunning. I am so inspired by the pale pinks and greens, combined with a dash of bright red. Like all of his work, there is a narrative happening here. I tend to turn to words to inject narrative into my own illustrations, but I love how open this piece is. It allows space for the imagination to roam. This is the first of Eero’s work that came accross, and it certainly grabbed my attention.


A lot of Eero’s work depicts children interacting with different types of environments. This work above seems to me, to be pointing out the uncertain future. This little boy is carrying with him hope for life, meanwhile he is floating into the complete unknown. Notice how he is wearing very little clothing, floating through a very frigid environment. He’s vulnerable.


I love this image. This little warrior holding onto a sunflower. It’s an interesting image.

Lampinen1Lampinen5This final image seems to perhaps speak about this need to document and share exactly what it is that’s going on in our lives. This is an interesting idea, and it’s also a disturbing reality. Why do we feel the urge to constantly document our lives? Is it because somewhere deep inside we know that what we have now isn’t going to last? Human’s have always felt the need to document their life through many different forums, however  technology has allowed us constant and instant access to documentation and sharing. Instead of enjoying the moment this boy is busy documenting the moment.

The best art is the art that really makes you think. Eero’s work is visual stunning and the narratives he presents are relevant and endlessly interesting.

Please visit his amazing website to see more of his work!



6 thoughts on “Featured Artist: Eero Lampinen

  1. You didn’t comment on the bear picture which is sad because I was so interested in your opinion on that one. But it’s here so at least you like it, it seems. 😉

    Great artist!

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