Featured Artist: Natalya Balnova


Today’s feature Natalya Balnova creates lovely and very inspiring illustrations. Check it out!

nbalnova6Natalya is a well educated illustrator and artist! She holds a BFA in communications arts from Parsons in New York as well as from The Academy of Industrial  Art and Design in Russia. She has also graduated  from the School of Visual Arts in NY with a Masters in Illustration as Visual Essay. This gal is killin’ it!

nbalnova1nbalnova2Taking a good look at her work, you can really tell that she has spent a lot of time (well, and the fact that she has three degrees in Fine Arts) honing her skill, and finding her voice as an artist.

nbalnova3It’s really an amazing thing as an artist, when you have found your own personal way of communicating your ideas. The visual language that you create over years of practice is unique to you is so important to build. The only way to build that language is to work at it for a long, long time. You can’t be afraid to experiment, try new tools and materials, play with subject matter, texture and colour.

nbalnova4I truly admire Natalya’s style, the sense of fun and lightheartedness that she injects into her work. There is a sense of play in the way she uses colour and line. There is a looseness, a sense of fun that comes from a feeling immediacy and fluidity. Her work is gorgeous and captivating! Her screen prints really inspire me. Look what she’s done with THREE COLOURS (the print above). So awesome.

Please visit her website to see more of her work (there is LOTS to see so go!!)

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