Wednesdoodles: Frustration=Creation!

Good news! I’ve been doodling!
I had a very busy past few weeks gearing up for the Halifax Crafter’s Society Winter Market making greetings and art prints for my company Double Dare. We had a super successful weekend and had a blast meeting new customers as well as saying hello to folks who we remember from crafter’s past! After the big show my sister and I spent some time resting and decompressing and basically gearing ourselves up for a busy 2015!!
hannah1I spent my free time hanging out in the studio. I try to take one of my days off to spend time drawing and experimenting in the studio. It’s nice to go in with an open mind, and with no real objective other than to see where things go. This week I had a particularly rough time getting myself into the studio. I had the ENTIRE day, and I spent the majority of the day snoozin’, and then finally by late afternoon I forced myself through the doors of the studio and started to mess around. It took me a while to get into things and I was feeling pretty unsure of myself but finally I managed to get a small sketch of my little sister on paper and things started to move forward from there.

snowglobe Recently a friend asked me to illustrate a quote for her from her sister’s favourite book as a Christmas gift. I used India ink and a fine nib to draw the illustration and I fell in love all over again with the fine lines and tiny details. It’s got me going on a whole new ink and pen + watercolour kick.

snowglobe2I resentfully started messing around, and eventually (as I always do) I became very immersed in my work. I revisited some old ideas , mixed with a new combo of materials and eventually I began creating these little snow globes.


I tried a few different globes before I had to quit for the evening, but all in all my rough beginnings in the studio ended up being six hours of discovery! I had such a good time playing with composition and colour, scale, and lines. Times like these always remind me that it’s so crucial to push yourself, even when you aren’t feeling into it.


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