Featured Artist: Becca Stadtlander


Oh my gosh, I’ve fallen head over heels for Becca Stadtlander’s gorgeous illustrations.

bstadtlander5I came across her work at Inkwell (which is a really awesome shop downtown Halifax, NS. If you are ever nearby please check it out!) and I just was taken aback by the beauty and warmth of her work.

bstadtlanderTHEN I went to her website and was completely overwhelmed and inspired by the huge and gorgeous body of work she has accomplished!! It’s amazing. Please visit her website!

bstadtlander1Becca is a freelance illustrator and artist who was born and raised in Kentucky and attended the Maryland Institute College of Art. She obtained her BFA in Illustration and has since been working for major clients such as American Greetings, The New York Times, Penguin Books, and Harper Collins just to name a few.

bstadtlander3The attention to detail in her work, and the little subtleties are what draw me right in to each illustration.  Her work definitely has folk charm. The colours she chooses are wonderful too, and I find they evoke certain sensations that help narrate the image, the feeling of the scene that is playing out in the work.

bstadtlander4I am so happy I came across her work! Super inspiring work to look at as I prepare myself to spend a day in the studio! I couldn’t be more excited!!

bstadtlander7Please visit Becca Stadtlander’s website to see more of her work (there’s lots!!) AND visit her online shop to buy yourself or a pal a lovely, lovely holiday gift!

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