Wednesdoodles: A few bright sketches


I have just a few little sketches to share today.

daydreamI recently bought myself a new little sketchbook, and I decided that this little book would be dedicated to personal doodling and watercolour paintings. In the past I’ve mixed design work with personal sketches all in the same book, but I think for the sake of organization, and for reference later down the road it will be nice to have the two separate.

skeletteI tend to do this with my notebooks too. I bought one big notebook, and it started off as a journal. It was fully my intention to keep it as a journal but the book having been on my desk, quickly became where I kept running to-do lists, and ideas for projects and custom work. It is kind of interesting to look back and see the mix of things. I can basically go through that book and see exactly what my mind was up to at the time, and what projects I was working on too, mixed in with the mundane little things.

cloudyI find the same in my sketchbooks from school. There are little sketches  mixed in with tiny reminders, and names of artists and writers to look into. It’s a real record of life. I’m sure looking back someday all of these little kept notes and sketches will be really interesting to dig into, like digging into the past.

WELL! That’s the end of my sketches for this week! I have some projects on the go for next week so be sure to check back in!

10 thoughts on “Wednesdoodles: A few bright sketches

  1. oh my this is great!! I had a few sketchbooks dedicated on different purpose, but in the end my doodle goes through pages to pages and books to books and I can’t even remember the initial purpose tho!!

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