Featured Artist: Chris Ballasiotes



Today’s feature is an illustrator I came across in one of my favorite books called Little Book of Lettering, which is a tiny book full of really inspirational artists who create work based in lettering and typography. The book is interesting because it is divided into three categories: digital type, hand drawn type and three dimensional. Chris Ballasiotes’ early work falls under the second category, which is the category that resonates most with me, although the three dimensional work is really fascinating too!


I’ve taken some samples of his older work from his website, which you should visit HERE! I did check out his newer work but I was really excited by the colours and rawness of his older stuff. His newer work is more on the commercial/design side of things, and it is beautiful as well but it’s not as fluid. Basically I am a sucker for a good watercolour.

cbakkasiotes3Chris fell in love with watercolour while studying in Florence, Italy. On his site Chris explains “the simplicity of watercolor and it’s free-flowing style was so refreshing to me. I also loved how fast you could move while working with watercolor – you didn’t have to erase or use perfect skinny pen lines.”

cballasiotesHe has a real eye for juicy colours. I really love the way he layers colours over top of one another, and how he uses what might be tissue paper over top of his watercolour designs that adds a delicate, transparent element to his work. I’m also a sucker for a good transparent overlap of colour. YUM!

cballasiotes6His earlier work seems to be very experimental, which I love to see. If you visit his website under ARCHIVES you can scroll through so many of his awesome little studies. He has a good mix of hand drawn lettering, photography, and watercolours. He’s really just playing around with colour, form, and materials in the most beautiful way.

cballasiotes7Hope you enjoyed seeing these beautifully bright watercolours. Don’t forget to check out Chris Ballasiotes website to see more of his awesome work! Come back again soon to check out what I’ve been up to in the studio lately!

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