Wednesdoodles: Sign Painting! (+++extra doodles)


I’ve been so busy these past few weeks working away on a few projects for a local business, as well as working on designs for my own business Double Dare! The holiday season is HERE (I’s not really HERE, but in retail it’s been here for weeks now) which means there is a lot to accomplish in the weeks ahead.

The week before last I was approached by Patch Halifax to create a holiday themed window painting in the two shopfront windows. Patch is a new local business on Robie St. in Halifax. The shop specializes in beautiful fabrics, as well as sewing workshops of all kinds! If you are in Halifax please visit her shop and check out all of the wonderful things she has to offer!

Owner Chris Pasquet kindly approached me to paint “Happy Handmade Holidays” in her two large storefront windows! I was excited to tackle the project.

1I started sketching out a design, and then a few days later I brought my paints and brushes to the shop and got to work! The first window I painted was the real challenge. Because I was painting on the inside of the window, I had to paint all of the lettering backwards! It took me some time to figure out the measurements so that the lettering would be centered. I basically ended up creating a loose grid so that all of my letters would be the same size.

5When I returned the next evening to do the second window, I felt much more confident and things went a little faster. I really got into the flow of the script and had a lot of fun! Above is an image of the finished window, and as you can see there is an awesome sewing workshop going on in there!

A week later Chris asked me if I would paint her logo on both sides of her sandwich board, to which I said “YEA!!” and this project is what I’m currently finishing up this week.

patchHere is one side of the sandwich board ALMOST complete!

I feel like I still have a whole lot to learn about sign painting, but I really do enjoy it.

Other projects…well I’ve been doodling a little bit here and there when I find the time.

6It’s important to try as hard as I can to keep up with my own personal practice. I actually started a painting last weekend which is pretty huge, considering I’ve barely had time to doodle lately!

4As long as I’m doodling it’s alright with me though. I can paint any ol’ time, but keeping up with the practice of drawing is what’s most important. It takes a long, long time to get back into the land of juicy ideas after you’ve been away from it for so long. It’s much easier when you have a consistent workflow, which is what I’m trying to organize for myself for the new year.

3Well, I think that’s it for now! Hope everyone out there is having a good week!

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