Featured Artist: Danielle Kroll


Today’s feautre is Brooklyn based artist/illustrator Danielle Kroll.


Danielle is inspired by her childhood, and creates whimsical illustrations that evoke a sense of the past.

dkroll5She graduated from the Tyler School of Art, and was hired to the art department for Anthropologie in Philadelphia. She currently works for herself in Brooklyn, NY. Her work is used in many different mediums including print, design, and textiles.

dkroll4I love the whimsy she injects into her beautiful illustrations. She works with a subdued retro colour palette, and  there is a lovely simplicity to her work. Many of her illustration remind me of collage, the bold flat colours against the background with detailed and pattern layered on top.


Danielle’s illustrations have a lot of personality and character, which is key to being a great illustrator!

dkroll3You should visit her website to see more of her awesome work, and check back in on Wednesday..I haven’t posted my own doodles and projects in a while and I have a lot to share!

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