Featured Artist: Monica Ramos

featuredbannerHey guys!!
Today’s feature is brilliant illustrator Monica Ramos. She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY and has worked for big name clients such as The New York Times, Coach, and Lucky Peach just to  name a few!

MRamosHer work brings to mind Harmonious Bosh, the crowds of nudes scattered in a peculiar, fantastical landscape. What I love about Bosh, and what I love about Monica’s work is that there is an opportunity for the viewer to look for a long time, and then look again and continually see something they hadn’t seen before. It’s fascinating for me to go deep into these illustrations and look at the faces of all the tiny people, and to examine closely what they are doing, how they are interacting, or ignoring one another.

MRamos1She seems to focus on crowds of women, or women all jammed together in a tight space, but she also illustrates the opposite (as you’ll see below) by placing women in vast natural environments, as well illustrations of tiny women interacting with food.

MRamos6 She illustrates tiny little ladies carrying food away like ants, OR is it regular sized ladies carrying GIANT donuts?! Either way, it’s exactly what I would do if I found a giant donut hanging around. I’d call for help!

MRamos4MRamos3She also creates these beautiful watercolour patterns…

Monica Ramos Illustrations Just SwimI love the way she paints greens and foliage. She focuses on colour and line. There is simplicity in her work, but it is also complex in that she has created so many details in her work. Her jungley paintings are so lush and beautiful. The women in the paintings look so free and peaceful. Please visit Monica Ramos’ beautiful website to see more of her work!!

9 thoughts on “Featured Artist: Monica Ramos

  1. I love when an artist engages through wit and a sense of fun. I love the complexity of these pieces, the detailed foliage and all the shapes of those crammed in women. The monochrome one you feature makes me think of ‘Where’s Wally?’ – which is a compliment. I saw them as giant donuts incidentally, probably because I’m a sweet tooth.

  2. Beautiful work!!! Her illustrations are great! Just out of curiosity how do you find your featured artists?

    • Oh…I poke around the internet. I have some great boards on pinterest that I follow, as well as some art and design magazines (mostly Juxtapoz, Canadian Art, and Uppercase). Sometimes I’ll come across an album cover that I love and research the artist! They come from all over.

  3. How lovely! I like the ones with the donut rings and (what looks like) Oh’s cereals. The last images with the green foliage are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

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