Featured Artist: Abbey Withington


Monday is here again, and not only is it Monday but it’s also November 3rd .My mind is still in September, I know this because I continue to write September when it comes to writing the date on anything. Sometimes I even struggle with the year! Seriously, where does the time GO!?

OK. Let’s talk about today’s amazing featured artist/illustrator Abbey Withington. She is an amazing artist with a real keen eye for colour and pattern.

awithington     She studied studied printed textiles and surface pattern design at LCA where she recently graduated.

awithington1I can’t get enough of the colours in her work. The funky combinations of greens and light pinks and bright blues, and just a little line details are so lovely to look at.

awithington2Lately I’ve been really excited about surface pattern design. A brand new local shop here in Halifax called Patch Halifax that sells amazing fabrics, as well as offers all kinds of sewing project classes has recently inspired me to think about learning to create surface patterns for fabrics. I stopped in to the shop last week to consult with owner Christina Pasquet about a window painting project (which I am working on today!) and I was so excited to see all the beautiful fabrics her store had to offer. Many of the fabrics were so illustrative, a combination of beautiful lines and colour.

awithington4awithington5I love the simplicity, it has a big visual impact. Simplicity in my own work is something that I strive for. Simple and effective!

awithington6I hope everyone has a great week, stay tuned for a stack of doodles on Wednesday that I’ve been working on this week! Please check out Abbey Withington’s awesome website to see more of her work!

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