Featured Artist: Molly Jacques

featuredbannerAllo, Bonjour!

This past weekend I took an amazing calligraphy workshop, which I will go into more detail in Wednesday’s post this week, but before I took that class I just happened to pick up this quarter’s issue of Uppercase Magazine (seriously, check out this awesome magazine, subscribe even!). This issue focuses mainly on calligraphy, which is how I came across this week’s featured artist Molly Jacques. She is a calligrapher and illustrator living and creating in Michigan. She currently works as a full time editorial calligrapher, lettering illustrator, and is co-owner of a font foundry.

mjaques1   In her Uppercase feature, she mentions that calligraphy forces her to focus on details she might otherwise overlook. From my experience with calligraphy, I’d say it is definitely a way to sharpen your eye, and co-ordinate your hand. It’s so important as an artist and designer to have that keen, sharp eye for detail.

mjaques5I think it’s pretty awesome that she combines her beautiful calligraphy with graphic design to create some really effective and unique work.

mjaques3Molly has worked with some big name clients such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Nike, Tiffany and CO. just to name a few!

mjaques4I was really excited to come across her work last week before my calligraphy workshop. Molly has definitely taken her calligraphy skills and built an amazing career in design for herself. It’s so inspirational to find artists and designers who are making a positive visual impact in a big way! Please visit her awesome website to see more of her work HERE!  So…off I go to practice my calligraphy! I’ll share more on Wednesday. Til then, stay inspired!

4 thoughts on “Featured Artist: Molly Jacques

  1. Thanks for sharing this amazing find! I followed your link to Molly’s website and her work is absolutely stunning. Looking forward to hearing about your own calligraphy experience!

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