Featured Artist: Caroline Dowsett

featuredbannerToday’s featured artist Caroline Dowsett is an awesome illustrator that I cam across while sifting through designer Oh Joy!’s pinterest boards.

CDowsett   Dowsett lives and works in Manchester, England. She uses primarily gauche, and ink and the tiniest little brushes.

CDowsett3I love the line work in her illustrations and the funky bright colours she uses. She states on her website that she is inspired by children’s books, and comic books as well as the simple pleasures in life!

CDowsett2She definitely has some retro-vibes going on, I especially see it in the simplicity of the faces she illustrates. I also see a bit of Charley Harper peeking through, in her pattern work, and the botanicals and animals she draws.

CDoswett5Bold colours and small details are what draw me to her work. She has totally inspired me to get back into working on some surface pattern in my own studio.

CDowsett4I love work that reflects the quiet simplicities in life. Her work is so peaceful and calming. Please visit Caroline’s amazing website to see more of her work, and be sure to check out her Etsy shop!

5 thoughts on “Featured Artist: Caroline Dowsett

  1. Good for you to feature artists, sometimes we need all the support we can get! I love her work and you definitely did it justice with your amazing covering of her materials, etc. Keep it up!

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