Featured Artist: Janet Hill



Monday keeps creeping up on me. Here we are again Monday. Face to face!

Let’s get into today’s featured artist Janet Hill! I came across her work while reading one of my favorite Canadian Art/Design/Handmade magazine called Uppercase. If you haven’t’ checked it out please do. It’s a quarterly magazine that features amazing artists, and is full of inspirational tidbits, and useful information for creative people.

JhillJanet Hill lives in a small town not far from my own hometown, Stratford Ontario where she creates the most whimsical paintings. Her work has become quite well known, and is displayed in private collections throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia! (amazing!!)

jhill1She also has major corporate clients such as Tiffany & Co. , Hallmark UK, as well as Harper Collins. She has also been featured in several very well known magazines.

jhill3Janet earned her Fine Arts degree at Queen’s University in Kingston Ontario, but didn’t consider perusing art professionally until later on. She opened up a retail shop in Stratford where she started displaying her work in her store. Her paintings got so much attention from her customers, she decided to close her shop and begin painting full time. She began selling her work online, and this year she has surpassed 10,000 sales on Etsy (AMAZING!)

jhill4I find Janet’s story so inspiring. It seems that so many times in life we sort of stumble into what we were meant to do. It doesn’t come without hard work and dedication though! Janet has clearly dedicated herself to her practice, and it shines through in her gorgeous paintings.

jhill6I’m hoping to find myself in Stratford one of these days to see some of her paintings in person. I so admire her work and her story! Please visit Janet’s website where you can see more of her work.

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