Featured Artist: Maira Kalman

featuredbannerMONDAY IS HERE!

I nearly forgot!

I’m revisiting an artist that I featured a while back. I re-discovered her work early this morning and was reminded of how much I love what she does with paint. Maira Kalman is a very accomplished artist and illustrator who lives and works in Manhattan. Originally from Tel Aviv, she moved with her family to New York when she was only four years old where she attended the High School of Music and Art. I love Kalman’s colour palette, her style, and how she is so good at capturing and illustrating her thoughts. She has illustrated eighteen children’s books, and twelve adult books. She is also a frequent contributor to the New York Times, and has created some amazing covers for them.


kalmanmkalman1 mkalman3 mkalman4I am super inspired by her! Please visit her website to check out her massive body of work HERE! You should also visit her project And The Pursuit of Happiness, an awesome little visual blog hosted by The New York Times.

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