Featured Artist: Antonio Uve


I’ve been on a major blogging hiatus, some of you may have noticed. But here I am back at it and I have tons of new things to share! I’ve been really busy working on all kinds of new projects, and scoping out new artists to feature. Today’s feature is an amazing illustrator from Norway, Antonio Uve.

AUve4 Originally from Spain, Antonio has been drawing since childhood and has only recently considered his work as a profession rather than a hobby. He begins his work by hand and then uses the web to help sort out colour references, and composition.

AUve3I really love his style, and the colours he uses in his work. There are definitely some retro vibes happening in his work that I really appreciate. The mix of simple shapes and solid blocks of colour blended with his imaginative compositions and funky style really draw me in!

AUve5 AUveWhat do you guys think? Please visit his website to see more of his awesome work HERE!

3 thoughts on “Featured Artist: Antonio Uve

  1. This art work is awesome! I love the graphic lines, the bold colours and the retro feel to the images. Fabulous. Thank you for drawing my attention to this artist.

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