Wednesdoodles: Back To The Future!

doodlesbannerIt’s really strange and kind of creepy when you google yourself and you see that your entire life is on the internet. Luckily I have nothing to hide! Just a pile of old drawings and doodles that I’d rather never see again. Maybe it’s time to tear down some of the ancient posts that are kicking around way, way, waaaay in the archives. I post a lot of my ideas online, which can be a bit of a dangerous game, some bad, some good. I don’t really mind sharing work that I’m not overjoyed with anymore because I know that anyone who makes anything makes just as much garbage as they do gold! It’s all part of the process.

OK. That being said, some of the following things I’m really pumped about and others not so much, but who cares! I’ve been super, super busy this week digging right into my studio work. I feel really good being back to my art practice. I’d been in a real funk for weeks, and I always get to the point where I realize the majority of the reason I’m in that funk is because I’ve stayed away from the studio for TOO LONG. This week really blew up and there’s a ton of work in progress.

studioPlease excuse the quality of the pictures, I took them at the END of the day, and it’s pretty dark outside. I have a large-ish painting on the go for a really neat program called Time Raiser (check it out if you are a Canadian emerging artist, it’s really COOL!) I’m pretty self conscious making a painting. I haven’t made a painting this large in a while, and the last time I did I wasn’t super impressed with the results,  however I did end up learning a lot which should be part of the process each time. I aim always to try simplify, and this time around I decided I would try to approach my painting as I do my drawings when I prep them to be screen printed. I want simplicity and boldness and layers of beautiful colour combinations. SO we’ll see how things turn out. It’s still a work in progress. Pray for me.

collageLast Thursday night was what really propelled me back into my studio work. I bought a couple of new materials, simple things, a new marker to replace an old, a silver and gold sharpie, and a new sketchbook. I ate a couple of hot dogs ( I couldn’t get them off my mind) and I got to work immediately after. Maybe it was the hot dogs that inspired me, but I reminded myself that I don’t need to always have the pressure of making something that works when I sit down to draw. When I’m able to realize that, I can usually be myself and make something that comes from the heart. Then I can take that and run with it.

openclosedI was asked by a pal who is opening up a vintage bridal shop here in Halifax this Saturday (check out her site Honey Bee Vintage Bridal!) and so I became a bit of a sign painter last week and had so much fun doing it! Anyone need a sign? (seriously I’m for hire!!). I am also working on sandwich board ideas for Oh Dina! another very talented friend of mine who makes the most gorgeous headpieces. It’s been really exciting seeing friends and new acquaintances building their own businesses here in town!

nogOn top of it all, Double Dare (my stationery business) is gearing up for Christmas. I know, I know…you really didn’t even need me to say it, but it’s happening and you should be PUMPED! I have a feeling we are going to nail it this Christmas with some really killer designs and a new product or two! So yeah. It’s been crazy but I love it! 🙂 Hope everyone is having an awesome week and is staying inspired!



3 thoughts on “Wednesdoodles: Back To The Future!

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    I’ve bee really nervous to write my first real “me” post, I’m still so new the blogging world.. (I’ll get on with it soon; I promise). For now this was a really wonderful reminder that no process or person or post is perfect, but yet an evolution of the ideas brought fourth. Thanks for sharing, I really needed that!

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