Wednesdoodles: Starting Over

I feel like I haven’t shared my own work in a long, long, long time. I’ve gone through an intense amount of life change over the last two months. I’m sure you’ve had a crazy life altering experience somewhere along the way, and you know what it’s like? It’s been crazy trying to start over, very tiring and confusing, and just really tough in general! But who said life is supposed to be easy all the time? When things get tough, those are the times you are able to learn the most. SO there’s my excuse for falling off track a bit with my little blog. I’ve been slowly getting back into my work though. I’ve been fortunate enough to have taken on a few small projects for friends and I’ve been working on a new line of greetings for Double Dare.

_MG_1384 _MG_1385 _MG_1386 I moved into a new space last month, and I really love it here. My little studio has some lovely windows that face right into an awesome garden. It was made for me! I’ve finally gotten it pretty much set up, it’s still messy, but good enough for me to get some work done in there. So here’s what I’ve been working on lately.

_MG_1387 _MG_1388I’ve been working on designs for Double Dare’s new collection of tropical floral greetings for the summer! I’m behind (the theme of my life lately) in the work but I’ve been pushing through, and with any luck the entire collection will be printed soon! Then it’s on to Christmas cards, which I have already started brainstorming about!!  I really don’t like to be thinking about Christmas in the middle of the summer, but we have to plan ahead for our biggest season. I’m really excited about my ideas for the holidays and I think the cards we will make are going to kill it!

_MG_1389I’ve been doodling my own thoughts too…SOMETIMES. It’s been really tough getting back into an art practice. I thought once I moved into my new space, I would just go nuts creating, but that hasn’t quite been the way yet. I’m hoping at any moment I’ll go into a frenzy of sketching and get right back into things…

_MG_1392Anyways…so that’s art and life right? Sometimes you have to give yourself a break and do what you can when you can, and that’s OK. I’ve tried to remind myself that on a regular basis, especially when I am feeling so tired and stretched too thin. Today I’ll be sketching away and working on some greetings and a few other projects for some friend’s businesses! WAHOOO!

Check ya later.


10 thoughts on “Wednesdoodles: Starting Over

  1. I have developed this saying for myself to ensure I stay in the right place, spiritually speaking that is! When I am about to make a decision that is going to impact on my happiness, I ask myself “is this going to tick the happy box?”. If the answer is yes, I go for it but if the answer is no, then a take a step back from it and have a rethink. This over recent years, after a period of time in my life that was very difficult has help me claw back a mostly happy life!…and my art for therapy has really helped. So I wish you well with your endeavours and look forward to seeing how you progress in your work – don’t forget to ask the question!!…Karen

  2. Hey there, I’ve been reading your blog for a little while but don’t think I have ever commented. I love the flowers. Did you use copic markers? And I feel the same about life getting crazy and then having to catch up/trying to get back into a creative and productive rhythm, it’s a challenge. Your new studio sounds lovely.

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