Featured Artist: Michela Picchi







Guys, I made it back here!!
I’ve been tossing the idea in my mind that I am too busy to keep up a blog, but then I thought that’s kinda silly considering I only post twice a week! Sheesh. I guess I’ve just been so wrapped up in everything else that I just haven’t made time to sit down at the computer much lately. I’ve even been pretty terrible at keeping in touch with distant pals! I guess everyone gets busy, it’s excusable, right?

MPicchi Today’s feature I stumbled upon at Juxtapoz Magazine’s website. Micheala Picchi is so so so SO rad. I love the consistent use of turquoise, pinks and blacks. Her work is very pop, and very lovely.

MPicchi4 Mpicchi6Picchi is an Italian illustrator working and living in Berlin. She has pretty major clients such as Fendi and American Express, and has traveled for work to Rome, Hong Kong, London and back to Berlin with her unique style.

MPicchi3 MPicchi1The thing that makes an illustrator stand out is their personal style, which can only develop over years and years of practice. You gotta find your groove and keep groovin’! Same goes for any kind of artist. You can tell by taking a quick look at Picchi’s work that she’s found her visual voice and that is what people respond to. Here’s a quote direct from her site explaining a little about her work:

“Everything is a visual experimentation for me, and the point is how
a perceptual experience is related to visions, and how to transfer it
to illustrations. It’s a matter of feelings. “


Take a look at her awesome WEBSITE to see more of his work.

I promise I’ll return Wednesday with piles of new work to show you! After all that’s what I’ve been so busy doing this past little while!

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