Featured Artist: Tomi Ungerer

featuredbannerSo…this past week I watch an amazing art doc called Far Out Isn’t Far Enough featuring the life story of French illustrator Tomi Ungerer. I HIGHLY recommend this film! It’s on Netflix, easy peasy. Check it out.

tungerer7Tomi Ungerer has published over 140 books in his lifetime. One of the interesting things about his work is the range and variety he’s produced over the years. He started out creating children’s book illustrations, and moved into creating the most amazing political posters during the Vietnam War. He also drew on some very “adult” themes, and created an entire book called Fornicon, among many other works in that same realm.

tungerertungerer1When word got out that he was creating these adult drawings, and publishing them into books, libraries all over decided to ban his children’s books. They thought it was unsafe for children to be looking at the work of the artist who also created “immoral” works of art! I think that’s silly…..

tungerer9tungerer3tungerer6tungerer8 I adore his work, from the children’s books to the political posters he created, it’s all pure genius. Please check out Tomi’s documentary to learn more about his fascinating life. There was one quote in the film that really stuck out for me, as he was discussing this sense of fear that he likes to inject into his work. He said that is that you have to feel fear in order to find the courage you need to move forward.

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