Embroidery Love…


Oops, it’s way past Wednesday.
This week has been nutty! Tonight I am co-hosting an ETSY Craft Party with Jessika Hepburn of Oh My Handmade! , the first ever in Halifax, Nova Scotia! I’ve been running around all week, planning, emailing, picking up materials and working on our group project!


It’s been crazy but so far so good, and tonight is the night!!!! Basically ETSY emailed me about a month ago to see if I would be interested in hosting a craft party in my city, and of course I said yes! The craft party happens in cities around the globe all on the same day and brings people together for an evening of crating and socializing! This year’s theme is recreating an old photograph, so the project I came up with involves a printmaking technique called image transferring using wintergreen oil.

em6I had some images photocopied (and that’s very important, they cannot be images from magazines or prints from a home computer printer) and then I got to work! The technique is very simple.

em5This old picture of my sis’ and I was perfect for this project!! I successfully transferred my image to a tote back and then began to embroider into the bag.

embrioderdem1I feel like it would be way cooler to embroider the ENTIRE back, but I ran a little short on time, juuuust a little.

Anyhow if you’d like to try out image transferring at home follow these tips!

1. Transfer onto paper or fabric (cotton seems to work best)

2. USE wintergreen oil. This stuff IS toxic despite it’s nice smell, use gloves, work outside or in a well ventilated area.

3. Practice a few times before you ruin your nice tote bag or piece of paper (practice makes perfect…)


1. On the back of your nice dark photocopy, apply a thin layer of wintergreen oil quickly!
2. Lay the image face down on the paper or fabric you are transferring to, quickly tape it on with painters tape (if transferring onto paper) OR masking tape (if transferring onto fabric), grab a spoon wooden or metal and get rubbing. Rub in a circular motion trying not to move your image around too much. The more you rub, the more the image will transfer. This takes some time and elbow grease so don’t give up!!!

3. You can peel back the image from one corner to see how things are going. If it’s looking good and dark enough for you, you are done! Now you can decorate, draw, paint, or do whatever you’d like with your new transfer!

That’s it for today! Enjoy the weekend!
PS-I just won a new bike….whaaa! I’ll be out there riding it all weekend long no doubt!

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