Wedesdoodles: Ideas

I actually made it to Wednesday and here I am posting a whole bunch of things I’ve been working on! It’s been a pretty productive couple of weeks so far if I do say so myself. I’ve kept myself crazy busy working, and organizing all kinds of things, and trying to keep up with my drawing. I’ve had a lot of ideas and thoughts pop into my head lately, mostly it’s at times when I can’t immediately get to my desk to let them out on paper. I’m sure I’ve let some drift away forever…which is why I really need to start carrying a little sketchbook with me at all times again.

iglooIt’s a funny thing having those ideas just appear in your brain after seeing something, or experiencing something. They literally just arrive in your brain without warning, sometimes to help you make sense of what’s going on, or sometimes to elaborate on something you found really interesting. Sometimes it seems they grow out of nothing at all, or sometimes ideas grow out of old ones.

learnThe important thing is to honor your ideas! Don’t let them go. It happens so quickly that an idea will strike, and we either think “nah, that’s stupid” OR we don’t make the time to quickly write it down or sketch it out and before you know it that idea is doomed for the pit of forgotten ideas!!! I can’t stand when that happens!

missI usually try to write my ideas down right away, or I’ll remind myself of them throughout the day until I can get myself to my desk to let them out on paper. Of course not all ideas turn out to be excellent on paper, but you gotta try and see what happens! Usually if you just keep pushing, a simple idea can grow into something amazing.

flyIt’s almost like a meditation for me when I sit down to work. I actually have a funny little ritual that goes along with preparing myself to draw or paint! I feel like most people do have their own ritual too before they sit down to work, I mean we all have our daily rituals! Mine involves finding a good album to listen to, followed by a quick dance around the studio to loosen up, light a candle if I have one, grab my tea, fill my cups with water, turn on the lamp and finally settle in.

aboveDo you guys have rituals for creating??
I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter really what comes out while I’m drawing or painting. If it’s total crap, no big deal. If it’s awesome great! I just love the practice and the process and I couldn’t give it up for anything!


9 thoughts on “Wedesdoodles: Ideas

  1. I love your sketches! I look forward to seeing more of your creative moments. I don’t carry a sketch book with me but I do email myself with ideas when they pop into my head. I then have a store of ideas banked for when I have the time to indulge my creativity.

  2. I LOVE the igloo! How sweet! It made me smile, which I really needed this afternoon. I’m a writer and I agree with you – you have to be prepared for ideas to pop up whenever. I always carry a notebook with me for those moments. And like you said, whether it’s great or crappy, at least you tried and created something.

  3. My rituals for creating are always changing because I rarely can keep up daily activities for very long. I tend to have a ritual that lasts for a few weeks until I have used up its potential to inspire me for that time. My ritual right now is to create my Daily Muse for my blog before I work on any art. I am always looking for new muses, and I really like the simplicity and whimsy of your sketches and the process you described to go with them. Would you be OK with me using one of your sketches for one of my Daily Muse posts? I will credit and link to you of course!

    • Hi Erika!
      Sure that would be fine! If you link it up to my blog that would be great! So exciting to hear you are working away on your art! Good work! 🙂 I think the reason why I tend to keep things more or less the same is that I found for me, it works! I am most productive when I know what’s going on. It seems to have to be that way for me the more work I take on. Gotta keep organized to stay on top of everything. I will visit your blog for sure. Thanks for reading.

      • Awesome! I was a bit worried you might think I was some weirdo and tell me to go away, lol. I will probably feature this post and one of the sketches in it. I will put a copyright on the image and link back to your blog of course.

        When it comes to the creative process, everyone is different! I am just more cyclical in my everyday life, so it is natural for me to be the same with my art. Whatever makes us stick to it is what we should do, though. Thanks again!

  4. Hi! New to WordPress here and just found your blog. I will be following! I just love this post….it must be a challenge for all of us. Our minds don’t stop and remembering it all is almost hopeless! Keep it up! (I also favorited your Etsy shop)

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