Featured Artist: Hvass & Hannibal

Monday is upon us! The weeks are melting together and flying out the window. It’s finally sunny, but it’s still cold here in Halifax. Hopefully that will change very soon!

Today’s feature is a really awesome illustration and design collective out of Copenhagen called Hvass & Hannibal.

The duo met in highschool during a nighttime design course. They both studied at the Danish School of Design and it was there that they officially formed their collective in 2006.

hvass1They’ve worked on a very broad range of projects from fabric design for Marimekko (a Finnish textile brand), illustrations for various publications, and even album art! The image above is album art made for the band Depeche Mode.

hvasshvass5hvass4Shown above is a beautiful publication created for a an unconventional musical performance/abstract documentary (I want to see this), made by french director Vincent Moon. Wow…gorgeous design.

hvass6The duo have a huge body of work to check out so please visit their website to see more of what they do!

2 thoughts on “Featured Artist: Hvass & Hannibal

  1. Great post and lovely pics This is beautiful I really enjoyed Hvass & Hannibal , thanks

    just few words now :

    VANDALS. A few days ago I read that in Ronchamp in France, one of the most important works of the architecture of the ‘900, a masterpiece of the architect Le Corbusier, suffered a serious act of vandalism: between 16 and January 17, 2014, someone broke through a window of the chapel of Notre-Dame du Haut, after the failed attempt to enter the front door, forcing it and damaging it. In my small way I would give my modest contribution to stigmatize the sad event. if you have time try to see this video:

    original photographs by mario caruso. music ,C minor blues of Modern Jazz Quartet , and adagio for strings by Samuel Barber.
    full screen reccomended , I would be pleased to receive your comments . thank you .

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