Wednesdoodles: Business Card Project

doodlesbannerHey! Ok today’s doodles aren’t really doodles…but I mean it all started out as a doodle, which is where everything begins. Recently I was asked by a friend to create some really fun business cards to help launch him into the professional world of audio engineering. I was super excited to help out and I thought I would share my process with you! Like I said..everything begins with a sketch…..

sketchI had a fairly good idea of what I thought things should look like and I went ahead and started to create the design in Illustrator. This is the first design I created…

cards6I wanted a retro vibe, but then I decided I really didn’t like the colour scheme or the font of this design. It just seemed to be going a little too far into retro-land. So I spent some time playing with a new colour palette, removing the crazy orange and finding a typeface that was more modern.

bizcardsp copycardz

We both decided that the sound waves were a little too much, and a little too abstract…


cards cards1We also decided to move the text down to the centre white block and do the same on the backside for consistency! Above is the finished design, although there were a few more versions in between! I’m pretty excited to see these babies in print. It’s been so awesome working with friends, and being able to help them as they move forward in setting up their own businesses and projects and I’m so looking forward to more projects like this in the future!.

Hope everyone has a great week. Until next time….

2 thoughts on “Wednesdoodles: Business Card Project

  1. Excellent. Though process, I have tried my b card too of my own ( I am a photographer) but it turned out boring 😦

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